Bamboo is a strong, light-weight, vibration-absorbing material, and with its natural tubular shape it’s ideal for making bicycle frames. Rigid yet flexible, bamboo is actually stronger than steel as far as tensile strength, allowing it to handle greater tension when pulled or stretched.

Bamboo’s range of tube diameters and wall thicknesses mean that Pampro frames are able to take on rough surfaces as well as handle heavy utilitarian loads and bike camping equipment. Not only is bamboo light and strong, it has excellent vibration dampening qualities.

Maintenance of your Pampro bamboo bicycle will be similar to a bike made from traditional materials. Bamboo frames can last for many years with proper care and maintenance, so always keep your bike clean to reduce wear. Pampro frames are finished with a robust polyurethane protective coating that repels moisture. Just as you would with an alloy, steel or carbon-fiber bike, avoid leaving your Pampro in rain or snow for extended periods. Please go to our product care page for more information on caring for your Pampro bike.

No. Bamboo offers a higher specific tensile strength than steel and a higher specific compressive strength than concrete. That means Pampro bikes are not only strong, but the bamboo fiber coupled with our frame designs provide flex while withstanding shock, all of which provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

A plant-based eco-resin epoxy layered over local sisal fiber — increasingly incorporated into composite materials for automobiles, furniture and construction — is used to connect the frame parts creating strong, durable joints.

Pampro bike frames receive a weather-resistant, UV-resistant and scratch-resistant three-part polyurethane coating. The coating also prevents the frames from changing temperatures  rapidly that could lead to cracking.

Over time splits can appear on your frame, usually following changes in temperature, moisture or humidity. Don’t panic, the frame is not compromised! Depending on size, treating splits can be as easy as sealing with an application of Super Glue. Larger splits can be addressed with a strong epoxy-based adhesive, such as J-B Weld WoodWeld. Just remember to let the products dry completely before use. If you have questions about potential bamboo splitting, please contact us.

Just as with “traditional” bikes, it is easy to change out or upgrade components — including Shimano, Microshift and SRAM — on your Pampro bike. Aluminum dropouts on Pampro frames feature a strong derailleur mount on the right, and the left dropout has disc brake mounts.

Purchasing a Pampro bicycle has positive impacts not only for the planet, but for specific communities in Ghana. Compared to the energy-intensive manufacturing process for steel, aluminum and carbon-fiber frames, bamboo consumes CO2 and emits oxygen, key elements in dealing with a warming climate.

Not only does Pampro employ more than 50 people, offering living wages and benefits, the company indirectly supports 200 farmers across a rural region of Ghana. Through the Yonso Project Model School effort, the company supports more than 400 school children through scholarships as well as funding libraries and computer labs across the region.

Tropical climates produce the strongest, thickest bamboo — closer to the equator the better. If you live in North America or Europe and have bamboo growing in your yard, it’s unlikely to be suitable for products that need strength and longevity.

Your size will be based on your height and inseam measurement. You can choose your size base on the bike type in our sizing diagram.

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