Our core believe at Pampro Bikes is that the bike culture lives in the community and the best way to experience riding a bamboo bike is to simply ride one. This is why we are aiming at establishing a premium network of Demo Centers across North America with independent bike shops & businesses. 

We are looking to engage bike shops who bring the product closer to the customer and share the joy of riding a sustainable bike. 

Want to become a Pampro Bikes Retailer or Demo Center?

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Pampro Bikes Shops and business selected as retailers will have the opportunity to work directly with the brand to promote at shows, events, races and more. Our retail purchase program is custom designed to each shop.
These shops will showcase the Pampro Bikes brand and story and offer customers the direct connection to our bamboo bikes.

The details: Pampro Bikes undertakes all marketing assets and each shop will be supplied a full marketing set up. Our designated shops will be listed on all brand materials and supported through paid campaigns and events. 


Shops and business selected as demo centers will have Pampro bikes for display at no charge.
These bikes will showcase the Pampro Bikes brand and story and offer customers to test ride our bamboo bikes.

Each demo center will receive a percentage of each bike sale without having to house inventory.

The details: Pampro Bikes undertakes all sales and after-sales responsibilities including shipping. The demo center simply supports customers who come to the center to experience the bikes. In exchange for this service, the demo center gets 25% margin on each sale that goes through them. Each demo center will have a unique code which they will need to give the customers who come to their shops for the test rides. The customers will be required to enter the unique code at the time of purchase so that commissions can be processed and paid to the shop after the customer has placed the order.

Each demo center is responsible for caring for the Pampro bikes showcased at their shop


Booomers factory is located in Apaah, Ghana where team members are provided on-the-job training and a steady income that can be difficult to find in rural Ghana. This means our team do not have to leave their home villages or towns to find work. Booomers employs over 40 young people aged between 18 and 29, and also indirectly employ 20 young people who harvest. We are working to provide over 200 farmers skills to go int bamboo agro-forestry to ensure the sustainable supply of our main raw material in a ddittion to our 50 acre bamboo plantation.

The Booomers journey began in 2009 when frame-building pioneer Craig Calfee introduced Kwabena to the special properties of bamboo for bicycle frames. Kwabena saw an opportunity to help young people in rural areas of Ghana develop new skills by crafting a high performance handmade product using local sustainable materials. We developed a range of frames and our partner, MyBoo, submitted them for testing in Germany, Taiwan and Australia to receive quality certifications. In 2015 we started exporting bamboo bike frames to Germany and now have happy customers across Australasia, North America and Europe. Pampro Bikes was launched in 2023 in the US, bringing Booomers bamboo bikes to North America.

The work of Booomers and our founder has been recognized and supported through local and international programs including the YouthActionNet program, the UK Department for International Development’s ENGINE project, the Tony Eleumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program and the African Entrepreneurship Award. Most recently Kwabena was selected for the Obama Foundation Leaders African Programme 2018.

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