Kwabena Danso: The founder behind building a Bicycle Brand That Matters

Sustainable commuting built on a bigger purpose is no longer a distant dream. Harnessing the natural strength of bamboo with an innovative bicycle design and a start to finish sustainable process, Kwabena Danso has built a sustainable company and end product and is now bringing it to the market in the US. Introducing Pampro Bikes, offering eco-conscious riders a renewable transportation (and fun cycling) solution.

Kwabena Danso, the driving force behind Pampro, spent his formative years in Yonso, a rural farming community in Ghana with a population of 500 people. In his youth, he sold soap to help his grandmother generate the finances required to pursue his education at the local school. Kwabena then assumed the role of a local kerosene gas supplier, fulfilling a crucial need for power in the community.

Over time his childhood dream of becoming a doctor waned as teachers influenced career selection in Ghana. Kwabena’s resilience and resourcefulness led him to an unexpected and impactful path with business, bamboo craftsmanship, and the world of eco-conscious bicycles.

Kwabena co-founded the Yonso Project, a non-profit organisation aimed at improving economic opportunities in Ghana, with a group of US students mostly from Vermont who had gone to the University of Ghana for a semester abroad program. During this same time, Kwabena was studying at the University of Ghana and met these inspiring students. The students, Benji Hardy from Arkansas, Sam Dupre from New Jersey, Nick Caccavo, Tony Caccavo and Sonja Stefani from Plainfield, Vermont were enthused by the initiatives Kwabena had already taken in trying to bring improve especially through education to his community – to empower local youth by creating jobs, protecting the environment, and generating funds for community projects. 

Booomers, Pampro’s parent company, was born in 2014 from this. Boomers quickly became a social enterprise due to demand for its bamboo bicycles and the need for sustainable financing for community development initiatives.

In September 2019, Yonso Project Model School opened its doors and has welcomed over 750 students since its opening. The school for this year has a current population of 550 students, ranging from kindergarten through middle school. 

In 2023, Booomers has expanded its reach and entered the US market under the brand Pampro Bikes. Kwabena Danso is thrilled about this new chapter stating, “The US is an exciting market for us as majority of the population are becoming eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. The US bike market is one that continues to grow and I am happy to be distributing there.”

With a focus on sustainability, quality, and craftsmanship, Pampro offers a unique biking experience while contributing to a greener planet. Often growing up to 39 inches in a single day whilst producing 70-200 litres of oxygen, bamboo is a highly renewable carbon sink. Its regenerative qualities and minimal environmental impact make it a clear sustainable choice.

Pampro is one of the few companies in this space that grow and harvest their own bamboo. The bamboo is carefully selected and screened against environmental damage. All bamboo culms are replaced when used. All bicycles are meticulously crafted, with each frame cut and assembled by hand. The result is not just a durable mode of transportation but a work of art, with a beautiful frame boasting a tensile strength greater than that of steel.

“Our mission is to bring affordable eco-friendly bikes to bicycle enthusiasts.”

Kwabena Danso’s journey from a small village to the global market is a testament to his determination, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world. As he continues to grow the business, the hope is to see more people embracing the beauty and functionality of Pampro, all while contributing to a worthy cause.

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