Yonso Project Model School – How Your Bike Purchase Changes Lives

Most people purchase a bike to ride. At Booomers International, it’s much more than that. Each and every bike purchase helps build an education system at our headquarters in Ghana. The Yonso Project Model School was started by Booomers International founder Kwabena Danso. As of 2022, the school is educating over 470 students.

“Quality education must not be a privilege for the few, but a right for all children. The vision of the school has been to train the next generation of leaders that the world needs, most especially our continent, Africa. Our goal is to re-orientate children and to challenge them to think critically and with creativity. We are training leaders who understand the need to serve, to find solutions and to bring about change.”

Bikes allow exploration and learning, whether in your own city or many thousands of kilometers away, thanks to all our Booomers customers over the years.

Yonso Project Model School

Yonso Project Model School is located at Jamasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.The school started operations on 16th September, 2019 with 123 students and few teaching and non-teaching staff. In less than three years, the school has grown tremendously with the active help of dedicated and skilled staff and under proper management.

The school has a total of 473 students from nursery to grade six, 54 teaching and non-teaching staff and an active board which consists of 5 board members.

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